Pool & Spa Repairs

Are you looking for a great Ft. Lauderdale Pool Repair Service? There is nothing more discouraging than preparing for a pool party only to discover on the day of the event, you need your pool repaired. One way to prevent unexpected pool and spa problems from happening is to perform proper pool maintenance every week. However, in this life, nothing is guaranteed, even if you perform pool maintenance regularly. The good news is, Fort Lauderdale Pool Service is available to help sove all of your pool repair problems.

Our pool reapir and spa repair service includes the following:

Weston Spa Repairs

At Fort Lauderdale Pool Service, we not only perform pool repairs and spa repair services, we also educate our clients on proper pool maintenance techniques. We instruct our customers on how to perform routine maintenance such as removing fallen leaves, insects and other debris that often falls into a pool.

We also show pool owners how to “scrub brush” in order to remove buildup of dirt on the sides of the pool. Then we show you how to direct the dirt to the drain to be removed by a pool vacuum. The next tip we recommend is to carefully monitor water for organic matter.

Another important technique is making sure your pool chemicals are kept at the proper levels. Otherwise this can cause bacteria and algae to develop, which can be dangerous to our health. You can prevent this health risk by using test strips to verify chemical levels are kept within the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Our Ft. Lauderdale based pool repair and spa repair company offers a full range of pool service and maintenance solutions.

Hollywood Pool Repair Company

Our pool repair company also serves residents of Hollywood… for further details on pool repairs and spa repairs, simply give us a call or contact our Ft. Lauderdale Pool Service company today and one of our pool repair and spa experts will assist you further.