Pool Vacuum At the Bottom CleaningRemember that perfect summer? The heat and sultry humidity of the morning. How the sun would shine out of the aqua waters of the pool: a sky reflection, so perfect you could see the clouds. Breathe in and remember the scent of the coconut sunscreen, lemonade, and the sharp smell of… … Continue reading

House with Pool Ft Lauderdale, FL A salt water pump doesn’t make your pool as salty as the ocean. Rather, salt water generators create a natural kind of chlorine that inhibits algae growth without using harsh chemicals.

Benefits of a salt water pool or spa include: softer-feeling water, no burning eyes or skin, no damage to hair or swimwear, and no need for storing dangerous chlorine chemicals.

Salt water pools do need regular care and maintenance to keep running smoothly. Cleaning your salt water generator is critical to keeping your pool clean and beautiful. … Continue reading

Back Yard Swimming Pool Ft Lauderdale FLYour pool is only as beautiful as the deck it’s surrounded by. Keep your pool looking fantastic with these tips from the Ft. Lauderdale pool maintenance experts at Somar Pools.

Place Trash Bins in Convenient Locations

Want to avoid the massive cleanup that comes after a wild pool party and backyard barbeque? Make sure you have garbage receptacles located in convenient places around your pool deck so that your guests aren’t tempted to litter. … Continue reading

You can’t even bring yourself to imagine how it would feel if someone died in your pool as a result of drowning.

Unfortunately, many drowning accidents (especially those involving children) happen right at home where people usually feel the safest.

Here are some important steps you can take to make your Ft. Lauderdale backyard pool a safe haven of fun. … Continue reading

Ft. Lauderdale FL Contactor to Remodel a Swimming PoolYour swimming pool is starting to show its age.

It could be time to remodel if you notice:

  • Chips, cracks, or flaking in the liner or finish
  • Leaks
  • Water loss
  • Injury hazards
  • An outdated or unattractive appearance in general

Remodeling your pool is an opportunity to make it a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful place to relax and have fun. … Continue reading