Are you trying to find a Ft. Lauderdale pool deck repair company? Pool decking in the South Florida area takes a beating from the sun and the weather. Getting your pool decking done right the first time or having your pool decking repaired by a pool deck expert the first time will save you a headache later.

There are a variety of ways to add beauty and value to your home or vacation home. One way to really enhance your outdoor living space is to add decking around your pool area. Decking can transform an ordinary pool area into a more relaxing atmosphere.

At Fort Lauderdale Pool Service, we offer a full range of pool decking alternatives. In addition to providing decorative decking, we provide decorative concrete pool decking with colorful textured designs.

Now you can safely enjoy a host of outdoor activities on your new deck whether it’s sunbathing or barbequing on the grill with our slip-resistant decks. Our decking service includes: resurfacing, travertine, pavers and stamped concrete.

Boca Raton Pool Decking Company

Call the Boca Raton pool decking company that can help you! When decking is installed, it automatically gives you a raised platform so you can easily enter and exit the pool. It gives the appearance of a fully in-ground pool and offers a beautiful setting at an affordable price.

Hire a Professional or DIY?
When it comes to decking, it’s important that you choose the right design. Although there are a variety of do-it-yourself decking options available, a professional decking expert – who knows the ins and outs of decking – will not only choose the right design according to your lifestyle, they will get the job done right.

Our skilled pool contractors provide quality craftsmanship in every decking project we undertake. We understand you expect only the best. That’s the reason why our customers choose our pool and decking services. We deliver top-notch service and our level of quality is unparalleled.

Plantation Pool Decks

Somar Pools also repairs pool decks in the Plantation area. For a free estimate, give us a call or contact our Ft. Lauderdale Pool Service company today and one of our knowledgeable pool decking experts will assist you further.