When you look at your pool and poolside, does it inspire relaxation or comfort? If not, it may be time to make improvements. The experiences you have in your Ft. Lauderdale pool are what make memories. Make sure that when you think back to those times, you are reminded of fun times with family and friends and not regrets.

Upgrading a pool is often less expensive than a new installation. If your pool and poolside are in fairly good shape, it shouldn’t take much to add improved features. There are several approaches that Ft. Lauderdale pool owners can take, depending on how and when you spend time in the water.

Ambient Lighting

The type of lighting and positioning is very important for creating ambience. Cool lighting inspires relaxation and color choices will affect mood. For instance, sea blue typically evokes tranquility, whereas green is associated with nature.

Positioning lights in and around your pool will improve your experience in and out of the water. Poolside lights are also a safety feature that illuminates the area at night. An example of this is pool owners installing lights along the edge of the pool so that users are less likely to fall in and suffer injuries.

Water Features

The pool itself is a water feature, but you can add so much more. Fountains, waterfalls and water slides are just some of the options that can enhance your poolside experience. These additions are both aesthetic and practical, making water features ideal for individuals and families.

You can install custom water features to represent your specific needs. At Somar Pools, we have helped countless Ft. Lauderdale homeowners design and implement spectacular and unique water features.

Steps & Tiers

Steps are a great way to keep a pool safe. A tiered pool also creates different depth levels, which is ideal for families with younger children. There is also a visual benefit to installing these features. Your pool and poolside will take on enhanced character with beautifully designed upgrades.

For more ideas to improve your pool, call Somar Pools in Ft. Lauderdale today.