When Birds Love Your Pool in Fort Lauderdale

You have invested into your Fort Lauderdale home’s pool area with landscaping, a great filtration system, lawn furniture and beautiful furnishings for entertaining. You’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to make your pool area enticing and relaxing. There’s nothing more frustrating than birds showing their appreciation by depositing their droppings, feathers and other detritus in the water and surrounding patio area every day. How do you handle that?

Tips to Keep Birds Out of Your Pool

You created a tropical oasis to relax in, not so you could spend hours cleaning up after your feathered friends. How do you keep them out of the patio area and from leaving their waste all over and in your pool water? Here are a few tips:

  • Remove food sources – Make sure you don’t have bird feeders or landscaping planted near your pool and entertaining areas that provide food for birds. This includes trees, shrubs or flowers that produce edible fruits, berries, seeds or nuts.
  • Hire a predator – Unless you have a pet tiger or wolf to patrol your grounds, you might be able to fake out the birds with a toy or replica predator that can be strategically placed in visible areas of your patio and near your pool. Be sure to move it every day to maintain the illusion that it’s “on the prowl” as opposed to another target for droppings.
  • Floaties – Keeping a flotation device shaped like a shark, dolphin or large fish in the pool can sometimes be an effective bird deterrent.
  • Scarecrow tape – Birds don’t appreciate crinkly iridescent tape that flaps in the wind and confuses them. You can buy rolls of bird tape to string around your entertaining areas. Some homeowners like the festive touch it adds while it works hard to discourage bird congregations.

If you have a bird problem, it’s especially important to make sure you do regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool water sparkling and safe. Somar Pools LLC serves the greater Fort Lauderdale area year-round. Whether you need to schedule regular cleaning or maintenance or have questions about a new build or pool repair, call us or go online today!