What The Color of Your Pool Says About Its Overall Condition

Keeping your pool water clear is an important part of homeownership. In South Florida, depending on the time of year, your pool water may be more susceptible to turning to musty greens, browns, and grays. It is essential to have the proper weekly care to ensure your pool is swimmable any time of the year. If you are experiencing issues with your pool water, it is important to first figure out what caused the discoloration. Take a look below at the different colors your pool water could be and what it means to the health of your pool.


One of the number one issues South Florida homeowners run into is cloudy water. This can be unsettling as you are not sure where the issue comes from. The first thing to check is your filter. If you see your filter is dark and needs to be cleaned – run the hose over it to clean it. If after you’ve cleaned it the pool water is still cloudy then it may be time for a new filter.


Green water usually indicates there is a source of copper somewhere in your pool. Finding the source and removing it is going to be the safest and cleanliest option, so you can go back to swimming in safe and smoother waters. Discovering where the copper is coming from should be left up to a professional like Somar Pools – so give us a call.


If your pool water is looking brown, you may have a bigger issue at hand. After assuring isn’t caused by any soggy fallen leaves, the next most likely cause of a brown pool is due to iron caused by rust. If your pool is rusting, this could be dangerous for your health. We suggest you contact a professional to take a look at it before taking a swim.

Dirty Water

If you have not been satisfied with the cleanliness of your pool or don’t have the time to maintain it, give the professionals at Somar Pools a chance at keeping your pool water fresh and clean. We ensure that each week your pool water is clean and has the proper chemical balance. Cleanings only start at $35 a cleaning and will be worth the frustration and hassle of trying to do it yourself.

Somar Pools is located locally in Hallandale and we are here to help with any of your pool maintenance. Whether you’re a new pool owner or a long-time pool owner who needs a little extra help tending to maintenance, we are here to lend a hand through the journey. Give us a call to have the expert pool service and maintenance you deserve.