A salt water chlorinator is an effective way of keeping your pool clean and sanitized. It could also be called a salt chlorinator or generator. Many homeowners in Ft Lauderdale are upgrading their pool filtration systems with a chlorinator like this to make pool maintenance more manageable and more cost-effective over time.

How Does a Salt Water Chlorinator Work?

What is it, and how does it work? This setup uses high-quality, food-grade salt to produce a pure form of chlorine that is highly effective and eco-friendly. Because the salt is used during the process but isn’t consumed, it doesn’t need to be replenished unless you also replace quite a bit of water.

The system is operated with a control panel usually mounted to a nearby wall. It will control the process of pumping water through the filter and heater. The most significant difference in this setup is the conversion cell that then uses the salt to produce chlorine gas. This chlorinated water then reaches your pool, where it can keep it free of algae and bacteria.

5 Benefits of a Salt Chlorinator in Ft. Lauderdale

While the initial investment in a chlorinator is more significant than many other filtration systems, there are immediate and long-term benefits you should consider:

  • More Environmentally Friendly: the only additive to your pool is high-quality salt, which prevents the need for harsh chemicals that can harm our environment.
  • Better for Your Skin: the purest chlorine produced by the generator is softer on your skin and is a better option for those with skin sensitivities or conditions.
  • No Harsh Fumes: fumes can be especially difficult for those with asthma and other breathing conditions.
  • No Chemicals to Store: you won’t need to keep chemicals on hand that can be dangerous for children and pets.
  • Cheaper Maintenance: salt will rarely need to be adjusted – check annually or add if you drain or backwash the pool.

If you are looking for an easier and more cost-effective way of maintaining your Ft Lauderdale pool in the long term, contact Somar Pools today. We’ll help you get the most out of your swimming pool year-round.