What Causes Green Water in Swimming Pools?

During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the water in the competition swimming pools turned a murky green color, much to everyone’s surprise.

You’re now wondering why your own pool water seems to be going green.

Here are some possible causes.

Algae Activity

Cloudy green water is a strong indication that your pool doesn’t have enough of the right chemicals in it. It only takes about a day of insufficient chlorine for algae to start proliferating.

To treat green water caused by algae, you’ll need to shock your pool and let the pump run for several hours straight. This will collect all the remaining algae for you to dispose of.

Metallic Mix

A metal like copper that’s exposed to your pool water long enough can dissolve into the water and turn it green. This is a little different from algae growth since coppery water is clear.

Locate any old copper-based metal fixings around your pool or pool pump and replace them. Next, you’ll need to add a chemical that binds with the copper particles to keep them from causing stains. Stained surfaces will need to be professionally cleaned.

Get Clear Blue Pool Water

In the case of the 2016 Olympics, it was eventually discovered that someone had added hydrogen peroxide to the water which cancelled out the chlorine. Without chlorine, water quickly grows algae and takes on a green tinge.

With a little professional help, you can also clear up your pool water and get rid of the unwanted color.

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