What Type of Pool is Right for You?

Yes, it is November, and the summer season is behind you. However, it is never too early to start planning a new pool for next summer. Ft. Lauderdale heat is often oppressive, and if you want to beat the heat with a new swimming pool, it is time to contact Fort Lauderdale Pool Service. Knowing what you will use your pool for is often the first choice that you need to make. Will you be using your pool primarily for personal enjoyment, or therapy, or entertaining – or possibly all of these? How you will use your pool will help guide your decisions and allow your pool company to plan accordingly to achieve your goals.

There are many different options when it comes to pool design. Size, shape, space around the pool, landscape options, a spa, grass around the pool or pavers, a space for entertaining guests – all of these help to create the space you want. It is also necessary to take the size of your property into consideration. For those with a large area, your options are often much greater than those with limited or oddly shaped outdoor spaces.

Our pool service company is a branch of Somar Pools, a reputable and licensed pool builder that will handle every aspect of your pool construction. We will walk you through every step, start to finish, to help you create a backyard area that suits your personal style and needs. Our company is Ft. Lauderdale’s premier pool builder, offering over 20 years of pool building experience. Owner Mario Ramos has constructed pools of all shapes and sizes from lap pools, geometrically shaped pools, to luxurious curves to match any landscape.

Our pool building experts will help you make the decisions you need before the process is even started. Our unique approach to swimming pool construction will help you accurately determine what type of pool is right for you. We strive to exceed all of our clients’ expectations with the highest standard in construction and service.

If you are considering a pool for next summer, it is never too early to begin the design and planning phase. Contact Somar Pools today to discuss that variety of options available. We look forward to serving you.