Three Reasons to Invest in a Pool This Summer

The winter months mean a lot more time spent at home, sharing time with family and friends. How can you turn holiday togetherness into something that you can enjoy year-round? The beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas enjoys many days of hot summer weather.

In the past year or so, advice has been to spend more time at home and avoid public areas. So how do you create a welcoming and holiday environment without traveling? Consider the reasons for installing a pool on your property.

Take Care of your Mental and Physical Health

Swimming offers a full-body, high cardio workout that is low impact. It will improve muscle definition and strength. Recent studies have indicated that regular swimming can increase bone density, second only to running. The cardiovascular benefits of swimming benefit overall heart health and can improve asthma symptoms. Aside from the physical benefits of swimming, simply relaxing in the water could benefit your mental health. Water is known to be very relaxing, and the sensation of being suspended can refocus a troubled mind.

Spend Time with Friends and Family 

Taking a trip to a water park in Fort Lauderdale can be an arduous activity for extended family. Small children may not be potty trained and require quick access to bathrooms, other children may not cope well with crowds. As always, there are safeguarding issues; are you prepared to take the risk that you can monitor multiple children at once? Rather than encounter the stress and expense of a day at the water park, why not invite your family to your home for an extended stay by the pool?

Increase the Value of Your Property

A properly installed swimming pool can be an attractive feature to your property, even when not in use. Waterfalls, fountains and other decorative features can make your pool the highlight of your outdoor space. Any prospective homeowner would be delighted to have a ready-made entertainment center for their children.

If you are looking for pool installation or rejuvenation in the Fort Lauderdale area, look no further than Somar Pools, LLC. Our friendly and professional service will leave you delighted as you open your exterior areas to exercise and entertainment.