Remember to Close Your Pool Gate!

As one West Palm Beach dad recently discovered, it’s shockingly easy for toddlers to quickly end up in the water when pool gates are not secured.

Albert Passavanti was fortunate enough to be watching his one-year-old son at the exact moment he tumbled into the water of the family’s inground pool. Passavanti dove headfirst over the pool gate to rescue his son who made it out unharmed. A security camera captured the whole incident.

While this story has a happy ending, many such events do not. That’s why Somar Pools is committed to create safe environments for pool owners in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

We strongly encourage families to install proper security measures around their pool. While some security setups may interfere with your preferred pool esthetics, remember that safety is of utmost concern. Even if you don’t have children, it’s essential to keep your pool inaccessible to the children of guests or neighbors who may happen to wander by.

Here are some other tips for poolside safety with kids:

  • Never let children play in or around the pool unsupervised
  • Always latch the pool gate when leaving the pool
  • Ensure that, in accordance with your child’s age, the locking mechanism on the gate is sufficiently secure
  • Don’t leave pool toys and floaties in the water or next to the pool where they can tempt young kids to wander near
  • Don’t sleep at the poolside while you are responsible for watching children in the pool

Our professional pool servicing team here at Somar Pools is ready to help you make your backyard pool a safe, clean, and beautiful environment. Call us today to get more tips on pool care and maintenance.