New Solutions for Clean Pools

Remember that perfect summer? The heat and sultry humidity of the morning. How the sun would shine out of the aqua waters of the pool: a sky reflection, so perfect you could see the clouds. Breathe in and remember the scent of the coconut sunscreen, lemonade, and the sharp smell of…


It’s almost nostalgic, except the way that it would burn when the pool water would get up your nose, or in your eyes from swimming underwater. Not to mention the fading and fabric wear of your favorite swimsuit.  Chlorine is a great chemical if you have a pool, but it’s also caustic, dangerous for small children and animals, and not particularly friendly to the environment. But as a pool owner, you have to have a way to keep the water clean and sanitary.  In Ft. Lauderdale, Somar Pools has a couple of great solutions for you to consider!

Take A Cue from the Water Parks

Most water parks use ozone instead of chlorine. Somar Pools offers ozone generators that will allow you to use 50-90% less chlorine in your pool. As an added bonus, the ozone eliminates that harsh smell of chlorine that hangs around on your clothes and hair after a swim!

Salt Systems

A chlorine generator, aka a salt system uses an electrolytic cell that converts salt into the effective part of chlorine, hypochlorous acid. All the water that comes in contact with the cell will be sanitized. There is no chlorine odor for this method, either!

However, should you decide to clean your pool, Somar Pools of Ft. Lauderdale can help. Call our offices today for a free estimate!