If your kids are growing bored of the pool and won’t even take a dip on sunny days, you could consider remodeling. The problem may not lie with an unwillingness to spend time in the pool. Kids need stimulation, and a boring pool doesn’t provide much inspiration.

Most pool designs are generic and intended to offer a space to relax during the warmer months. For adults, a basic square or round pool may meet the grade. However, kids often appreciate more intricate design elements. If you want to create an aesthetically appealing and functional pool, it’s time to spark your imagination.

Pool Design

The first aspect of pool design is utilizing the space you have in the best way. Look at your landscape and consider how you could add elements to the poolside experience. For instance, homeowners with a sloped lawn have the opportunity to create a spectacular tiered pool.

Consider adding features to your pool that promote fun. Slides and a lazy water river are both popular with children. If you have the space and the budget, get creative and involve your kids in the planning process. While there are limits to what you can do, it doesn’t hurt to dream; and you may find that the features you want are within your price range.

Kids of different ages have varied ideas of what they want from a pool. Younger children enjoy paddling in a shallow pool, knowing that they are safe. Older children and teens prefer the freedom to swim and play in deeper water. You can have the best of both worlds with a pool designed to accommodate the needs of all ages. Safety features are also an option to protect children under the age of five.

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