Is Your Pool Pump About to Die?

Mechanical motors can go out at the most inconvenient times – your AC unit can shut down on the hottest day of the year, or your garage door opener can fail, trapping your car inside your garage. The same is true for pool pumps. One day, the pump is no longer performing, and you need it replaced before you can enjoy your Ft. Lauderdale pool again. Instead of waiting for that to occur, you should know the signs of a pool pump that is ready to die. This way, you can replace it proactively and continue to enjoy the use of your swimming pool.

Five Signs of a Failing Pool Pump

Rarely do pool pumps go out without warning. There are usually days, weeks or months of warning signs that you should not ignore. When you notice your pump is not working as it should, it gives you a chance to explore repairing it or replacing it, whichever makes more sense for your particular pump. Five signs to watch for when your pool pump in Ft. Lauderdale is failing include:

  1. Grinding, gargling or other loud noise. Pool pumps are not noisy machines. When you start hearing louder sounds from your pump, that should alert you to a problem.
  2. The pump turns off by itself repeatedly. If there is a blockage or something else overheating the motor, your pump will turn off. If not fixed, eventually, it will not turn back on again.
  3. Dirty pool water. When the pool pump is losing suction power, your pool water will not be cycled often enough. Cloudy or dirty water may be a sign of pool pump problems.
  4. Leaks around the pump. If fittings or pipes around the pool pump are leaking, it needs to be checked.
  5. Air leaks. When air gets into the system, it can cause many issues. If you notice air bubbles in your pump, an inspection is needed to determine where the air is coming in.

When you have signs of pool pump problems, our team at Somar Pools, LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL can perform diagnostics on your pool system. We can recommend repairs or replacement for your pump before it shuts down for good. Call us when you notice any pool pump issues and we will schedule one of our professional pool technicians to inspect your system.