Interested in Making Changes to an Existing Pool?

Did you just buy a home that comes with its own inground pool?

If the pool is a bit dated, then there’s a good chance you’re not in love with it as much as you are with the house.

The good news is that you don’t have to scrap the idea of having a backyard pool. With some careful planning and the help of a professional pool remodeling team, you can create something totally new and unique.

Changing the Depth of a Pool

Adjusting pool depth is usually a straightforward process. It tends to be easiest on polymer and steel-based swimming pools. If your backyard pool can be accessed by heavy machinery, then the job will go by quicker. Making a pool shallower is usually simpler than making it deeper. Bearing that fact in mind may have an impact on your budget and design plans.

Altering the Shape of a Pool

Changing the shape of a pool can be more challenging than simply making it deeper or shallower. Depending on your budget and the material the pool is already made from you might be better off simply replacing the pool completely.

Add New Features to a Pool

The fastest and simplest way to make an existing pool your own is to make small additional or cosmetic changes.

Some examples include:

  • New stair design
  • Updating the plumbing
  • Installing an automatic pool cover
  • Adding a waterfall, slide, or spa
  • Placing new tiles or a new liner

Learn more about the virtually endless list of ways you can upgrade a pre-existing backyard swimming pool by contacting Somar Pools. We’re excited to help you plan your next pool remodeling project in Ft. Lauderdale!