Get Your Pool Summer-Ready with These 7 Tips

Summer is just around the corner, so you can expect your Ft. Lauderdale swimming pool to get a lot of use in the months to come! Get ready for a summer of fun in the sun (and water!) by preparing your pool with these tips from Somar Pools.

Top off water in your pool.
Top off and freshen up your pool water before adjusting its chemistry.

Check your pool’s chemistry.
With the water level adjusted, have your pool’s chemistry checked. You can either do this yourself with a kit or call in a swimming pool maintenance professional to check your water.

Test pool equipment.
Make sure the pump and filters are all in good shape by running them well before you start using your pool for the summer season.

Clean your pool.
Brush and vacuum your pool to get rid of unsightly and filter-clogging debris.

Balance chemicals.
Once you know your pool’s water chemistry, shock it with the perfect balance of chemicals or update the salt water generator.

Do a safety check.
Are there any loose railings or ladders? Broken tiles? Slippery spots on your deck? Exposed wires? Do a thorough safety check at the start of each swimming season to prevent accidents.

Update your landscaping.
What’s a beautiful Ft. Lauderdale backyard swimming pool without the perfect accent foliage? Now’s the perfect time to do some weeding and update your landscaping around the pool.

Need Professional Help with Getting Your Pool Ready?

Short on time? Our team at Somar Pools in Ft. Lauderdale is ready to help you prepare your pool for a fun-filled summer. Call us to ask about the pool maintenance and repair services we offer.