Get Your Ft. Lauderdale Backyard in Shape

If you are thinking of a new pool for your Ft. Lauderdale home, you have numerous choices available to you. One is the shape of your new pool. Here is a guide to help you decide on the perfect pool shape for your Ft. Lauderdale yard.

The Classics

The rectangular is a true classic designed for practicality and exercise. A long narrow rectangular shape is perfect as a reflecting pool or for doing laps in your Ft. Lauderdale backyard. They can fit into most spaces and can be as long or narrow as you would like. They are not as efficient regarding circulation and therefore are not as ideal as other shapes for water features.

A Roman Pool has a fat rectangular shape with elegant half-circles in the center of one or both ends. If both short ends are interrupted by a half circle, it is called a double Roman. The half circle is perfect to set stairs in for a grand entrance into the pool. This shape is worthy of a large yard and big Ft. Lauderdale parties.

Another slant on the fat rectangle is a Grecian style. All four corners of the rectangle have been removed at a 45-degree angle creating a gem shape. This is a more lavish variation on a plain rectangle.

Add Some Curves

Vintage Hollywood screams circular, a perfectly round shape. The simple yet sophisticated circular pool is a different look from the traditional rectangle. Reminiscent of the 1930s, round pools require space. Shade can be achieved with a circular cover.

Stunning when surrounded by palm trees, oval pools have an Old World oasis feel. Ideal for a picturesque water feature in a Victorian or historical Ft. Lauderdale home setting. They require more real estate than other shapes and are perfect for larger Ft. Lauderdale backyards.

A classic freeform shape like the kidney bean, the kidney-shaped pool lends itself graciously to gorgeous grottos. The irregular shape is hydrodynamic, allowing the water to flow easily from a water feature.

The figure eight pool may resemble an hourglass or be an asymmetrical set of two connected circles. Like a barbell, this pool is connected by a tapered link in the middle. Because of the circular nature of a figure eight, there is a whirlpool effect when combined with a water feature.

Imaginations go wild with freeform pools, commonly called Lagoon, Key West or Pond-style. Usually set in a large backyard for large pool parties, they are fully custom in any shape and size. The only limitations are your available space, budget and vision.

Modern Styles

L-Shaped pools are a modern design. The “true L” resembles the capital letter. A “lazy L” is much shorter at the bottom. Both work well as a lap pool paired with a lounge or hot tub. The L- shape can work well for odd-shaped Ft. Lauderdale backyards or courtyards.

Geometric (Multi-Sided) is free of curves. This style of pool has sharp patterns or lines. This pool is a complete custom job for the artist. Suitable for any size Ft. Lauderdale backyard, there are endless variations.

Make A Wish List

Take a moment to envision all of your hopes and expectations for your Ft. Lauderdale pool and then write them down. This will give you and your local Ft. Lauderdale Somar Pools specialist a good place to start. Make an appointment today and share your list with a Somar Pools specialist to make your pool a reality.