Florida pool season is here! For Ft. Lauderdale families with pools, your outdoor oasis provides a splendid way to shelter at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But what if you frequently notice that the water level has dropped in your pool? You keep adding water – and the requisite chemicals – but it happens again and again.

Why and Where is Your Pool Leaking?

Pools can develop leaks for a number of reasons, depending on different factors that can apply to various pools. Age, wear, weather and ground shifts can all contribute to your pool springing a leak. If you notice the following conditions, it is likely your pool has developed a leak:

  • Standing water on the ground near your pool
  • Mushy spots or uneven grass growth near your pool
  • Excessive algae growth
  • Discolored water
  • Cracking tiles or cement pool decking
  • Visible corrosion around piping and/or pumps
  • Gurgling sounds
  • Losing ½ inch or more of water per day

These are the typical signs that your pool is losing water, which can cost you in higher utility bills and chemicals for water maintenance. If you believe your pool is leaking, contact the professional pool team at Somar Pools, LLC.

Ft. Lauderdale Pool Leak Detection Specialists

Somar Pools, LLC uses the latest technology to detect where your Ft. Lauderdale pool is losing water. We utilize computerized measuring equipment, pressure testing and underground listening devices to isolate the location and cause of your pool leak. Then, we can provide a solution for repairs to keep your swimming pool safe and fun for the entire family.

You’ve likely invested a great deal of effort and resources into providing your family with a beautiful, relaxing swimming area. Trust the pool experts the most exclusive resorts call when they have pool problems. Contact Somar Pools, LLC today to schedule a consultation and pool inspection if you suspect your Ft. Lauderdale pool has developed a leak.