Does Your Ft. Lauderdale Pool Need a Remodel?

You use your pool a lot, and it should be a reflection of your home as well as your style. It could be time for a pool remodel if it’s starting to age and cause some headaches. There are many reasons you’d consider one, but the four symptoms below are the most common ones faced by many Ft. Lauderdale homeowners.

More Frequent Repairs

As a pool ages, it is likely to need more repairs. Fixing the lights or water filters may be part of routine maintenance, but a constantly failing water pump or chlorinator could indicate a time for more extensive updates. You may even want to invest in leak detection to ensure there isn’t a more serious underlying problem that must be addressed immediately.

Safety Considerations

Newer pools include many safety features that make sense these days, like larger shallow areas or more non-slip surfaces. If your Ft. Lauderdale pool was installed years ago and no modifications have been made, you may not have a gated security fence around the pool. These features can be especially important when children are around but shouldn’t be overlooked in any pool remodel.

Energy Costs Are a Problem

Older pools weren’t as energy efficient as today’s technology. Add to that the aging equipment, and you have a financial drain that is probably costing you thousands of dollars each year to maintain just in energy costs. The initial investment in renovating your pool may give you a beautiful and more functional space that costs you much less to enjoy.

Already Doing Other Updates

Are you already upgrading the landscaping in your yard? Why not make those changes more impactful by including the pool? Somar Pools is your Ft. Lauderdale pool services and installation company that can work side by side with your landscaper to create a beautiful outdoor space that is uniquely yours. Add features like a slide or waterfall that complement other spaces like a deck, fire pit seating area, pergola and more.

If it’s time for a change, call Somar Pools in Ft. Lauderdale today. We can evaluate the current state of your pool and surrounding area and create a plan for any necessary repairs and possible updates. You deserve a pool you love, and Somar Pools can make it happen.