Is There a Difference Between a Spa and a Hot Tub?

Nothing enhances a Ft. Lauderdale home like having a personal spa on your property.

Many people use the terms hot tub, spa, and Jacuzzi interchangeably. Do they all mean the same thing? You might be surprised to learn that there’s actually quite a difference.

In-Ground Spas

A spa is a contained body of water built into the ground. It’s an in-ground pool that’s heated for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Spas aren’t meant for splashing and playing, but for relaxing. Some spas may include hydro jets for massage.

You can choose to have a spa attached to an in-ground pool, if that design suits your needs. Spas add a lot of visual appeal to your home and can also increase its value.

Portable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs serve a similar purpose as spas, but in a different design. You get all the hot water but with extra convenience and comfort. The tub itself won’t have the same aesthetic appeal as a spa, but it’s designed with more comfortable seating and powerful jets for muscle relaxation.

What’s a Jacuzzi, Then?

“Jacuzzi” is actually just a name brand. This brand has declined in popularity, but since the Jacuzzi brothers were the original creators of a whirlpool water jet, the name has been applied to almost all spas with hydro jets, portable or otherwise.

Call it what you will, your spa is to be your haven of relaxation and tranquility. If something goes wrong with yours, get it fixed right away so that you can get back to enjoying one of your home’s best features.

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