Dealing With Pool Leaks In Ft. Lauderdale

With the winter months finally over, many Ft. Lauderdale residents are looking forward to spending time by the pool. Swimming and relaxing in the sun are great ways to entertain the children and connect with family and friends. However, cold weather and the passage of time may have taken their toll on your pool, so it is important to check that it is functioning properly.

If left unattended, a leaky pool will become costly in both repair bills and increased water usage. As leaks can develop slowly, awareness of tell-tale signs that your pool may have sprung a leak.

Signs That Your Pool is Leaking

Noticing that your pool seems to empty faster and increased water bills are not the only indications that you may require professional intervention. If you are aware of water gathering in your yard or under your pool equipment, it points to fluid escaping somewhere in the system.

As additional moisture causes the ground around your pool to expand and retract, this puts strain on the structure of the pool and any paving or decking areas. Cracked or loose tiles and paving are not only unsightly; they pose a safety hazard to you and your family. In addition, damage to the pool floor may lead to costly repairs or replacement.

The growth of algae in your pool is an unpleasant and worrying sign. If the filtration or water circulation system is not working properly, this provides the perfect conditions for algae to grow. Leaks or corrosion in pipes can be one reason your pool system is not functioning at an optimal level.

Choose One of the Top Experts in Ft. Lauderdale

Somar Pools LLC has over 25 years in swimming pool leak detection and repair. We use the most advanced technology to confirm that your pool is experiencing leakage in minutes. We isolate the various elements of your pool system to pinpoint the cause of your issue. Our team can easily identify common trouble spots, such as the skimmer and main drains. In addition, our pressure tests and specialized listening devices identify hard-to-find leaks in underground plumbing.

If you are concerned about leaks in your Ft. Lauderdale swimming pool, do not hesitate to contact Somar Pools LLC today.