What Are The Most Common Pool Repairs?

To avoid problems with your swimming pool, cleaning and regular maintenance is a necessary part of pool ownership. To keep your pool in its best shape and to protect your family by keeping your pool water and surrounding areas safe, consider these pool repairs that are commonly recommended in the Ft. Lauderdale area:

Repair Leaks

The hot summer means pool water will slowly evaporate. However, what is going on when the water level begins to drop for no obvious reason? A leak should be suspected. Pool leaks can occur anywhere in the pool. Our Ft. Lauderdale pool service will send out one of our pool repair experts to perform a comprehensive leak test. When the leak is found, it will be repaired and your pool will be back in business.

Monitor and Replace or Repair the Filter

When the filter seems like it is not doing its job, some diagnostics will help to determine if the filter is ready to be replaced or if it can be repaired to last another season.

Maintain the Pump Motor

The pump is the nucleus of the pool. Water is circulated in the pool via the pump and the motor. When swimmers notice milky, cloudy, dirty water, it is a tell-tale sign that the pool water is not processing through the filtration system. Common issues with a pump include:

  • The pump leaks
  • The pump motor won’t turn on
  • The pump is too loud
  • The pump has an air leak

Pool Light Issues

There may be several reasons that cause a pool light not to work properly. Some culprits could be related to the electrical wiring system, the fixture, or the bulb. Whether your wiring needs an upgrade, the fixture needs to be replaced, or the bulb has blown, pool light issues are often best handled by certified technicians who deal with underwater electrical issues on a regular basis.

At Somar Pools, we are committed to helping people enjoy their pools. To keep your pool in the best shape with no downtime, call the pool experts at Somar Pools.