How Should You Clean Your Pool’s Salt Water Generator?

A salt water pump doesn’t make your pool as salty as the ocean. Rather, salt water generators create a natural kind of chlorine that inhibits algae growth without using harsh chemicals.

Benefits of a salt water pool or spa include: softer-feeling water, no burning eyes or skin, no damage to hair or swimwear, and no need for storing dangerous chlorine chemicals.

Salt water pools do need regular care and maintenance to keep running smoothly. Cleaning your salt water generator is critical to keeping your pool clean and beautiful.

Why Salt Water Pool Pumps Get Blocked

Your salt water pool pump needs cleaning after getting clogged. Pumps tend to jam because of:

  • Having hard water with too much calcium buildup
  • Excess debris in the pool and/or pump system
  • Using too much salt or the wrong kind of salt altogether

How to Clean Your Pool’s Salt Cell

What should you do after discovering that your salt water generator is clogged?

You can clean it yourself. This involves draining the existing water, plugging up the pump, filling it with a cleaning acid solution, letting it soak and then scrubbing it, and finally, rinsing it out with clean water before setting it back up.

Depending on your pool’s needs, you may have to clean your salt water pump one or more times per season.

Don’t have the time or experience necessary to clean your salt water generator on your own?

It may be time to call in some professional help to clean your pool.

Salt Water Pools and Maintenance in Ft. Lauderdale

Whether commercial or residential, pool or spa, get all the advice and services you need for salt water pool by contacting Somar Pools.