In Ft. Lauderdale, as in other major Florida cities, you hear several myths about pool maintenance that could cause more problems if followed. Somar Pools, LLC busts some common pool maintenance myths.

Myth #1 — You Can Use Bleach & Other Household Products to DIY Your Pool

Trying to clean your pool with Clorox, Borax, Baking Soda and other household products can damage your system and cost more to clean up than regular pool maintenance. We understand it can be tempting to save a few bucks on pool maintenance, but if you can’t afford to maintain your pool correctly, using household cleaning products could cost you even more.

There’s no trick to pool maintenance; hire the professionals at Somar Pools in Ft. Lauderdale to clean and maintain your pool regularly. You will save money and have a magnificent pool you will proudly showcase to your friends and neighbors.

Myth #2 — Switch to a Saltwater Pool for Cheaper Maintenance

Many even suggest that saltwater pools are maintenance-free. Whereas it is true that saltwater can change to a type of chlorine that helps maintain your pool, it is not maintenance-free. You pool will still require regular cleaning services and treatments. It will still need to keep a balanced pH level, and be skimmed for debris that can clog your filter and look unsightly.

A professional maintenance service is still the most inexpensive method of maintaining your pool, and if you like saltwater, Somar Pools, LLC can do that for you.

Myth #3 — Pool Are Expensive to Maintain

There is some truth in that statement. However, recently, pools have become less expensive to maintain, and a pool that gets a regular service is cheaper to maintain than one cleaned sporadically. The average Ft. Lauderdale homeowner spends between $3,000 and $5,000 per year for pool maintenance and repairs. And, the better you maintain your pool, the fewer repairs become necessary.

You can rely on Somar Pools, LLC to maintain your pool at pristine levels at a price that won’t break the bank. Call us today with your pool maintenance questions and needs.