When Is the Best Time to Install a Backyard Pool?

There may not be a better way to beat the heat in Ft. Lauderdale than sipping a cold drink while you lounge next to your backyard pool.

Hot summer days can make you really regret not having your own pool!

Happily, it’s easy to get started. The next question is, when?

Should You Install a Pool in the Summer?

You naturally think about getting a pool once the summer heat reminds you that you need one. But summertime is usually not the “best” time to start the process.

For one thing, that’s when swimming pool companies tend to be busiest. You could have your yard dug up for weeks on end waiting for the project to finish. You may not even get your name on the list since the pool installation companies will have been booked in advance.

The Best Time of Year for Pool Installation

Any other time outside of the busy swimming pool maintenance season is a good time to install a pool.

The autumn months are one of the best for planning a pool project for the next year. You can still get a good deal on the current year’s prices and you won’t be in as much of a hurry–your pool will be ready right on time for the next summer rush.

The Right Time for You to Install a Pool

You can start dreaming about and planning your backyard pool anytime you like. You can also start saving up for one. Once you’re ready to make the investment, you’re able to start talking options.

Call Somar Pools in Ft. Lauderdale for advice on the best time to install your family’s very own backyard swimming pool.