Backyard Shade for Your Ft. Lauderdale Pool

Enjoying your pool in the Ft. Lauderdale hot sun is a wonderful experience in which you can encounter a big helping of not-so-fantastic UV rays. Adding some shade is a great option for pool owners. This benefit cuts down on the heat and intensity of the sun. If you lack big shade trees, here are some other options for your made-in-the-shade fun summer days.

Shade Umbrella

Freestanding shade umbrellas can cover a large area and are easily moveable to different parts of your yard. This allows you to tilt the umbrella to provide just the right amounts of sunlight protection. Umbrellas can be folded down in storms or stashed for the season.


Give yourself the atmosphere of a Mexican beach resort with a thatch-roof shaded palapa. They are traditionally made of dried palm leaves, though you can also find palapas made with reeds or bamboo. Palapas create an exotic, faraway experience while lounging in the shade of your private lagoon.

Wood Pergola

Pergolas make an attractive shade structure. Wood pergolas provide an elegant canopy of shade, ideal for covering your patio table and chairs or sheltering an outdoor seating area next to your pool.

Sail Shade

The easiest and most budget-friendly shade to install, a sail shade is a triangular piece of weather-resistant, UV-protectant fabric that hangs between three points on your patio. It can be anchored to your house and two posts. The shade allows for flexibility and can be moved between several locations. Sail shades reduce heat by up to 30%, while the breathable fabric allows breezes to pass through.

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