Adding a Waterfall Feature to Your Pool

Waterfalls are a beautiful and therapeutic addition to any pool. Since they replicate nature, adding a waterfall feature to a pool offers luxurious tranquility to your backyard oasis. An expertly-designed waterfall will be an elegant focal point that works in harmony with its natural surroundings. In addition to adding aesthetic value, there are many benefits to upgrading your existing pool to include a waterfall, such as:

  • Function-Waterfalls not only look pretty and sound peaceful, they play an important role in a pool’s filtration system. The constant flow keeps the water safe and clean by keeping it free from algae and debris.
  • Temperature-Overall water temperatures are kept a bit cooler in the hot summer months when a waterfall is circulating the water.
  • Soothes-The sound of a waterfall mimics those found in nature and adds serenity to the pool and entire backyard.
  • Value-Enhancing a pool with a waterfall feature increases the overall value of the pool and home.

When considering a waterfall, homeowners will need to decide on how they want the waterfall to look, what size they would like it to be, how much water should flow through the falls, where it will be most aesthetically pleasing, how tall it will be, how many levels it will have, if it will include seating nearby, and what type of material to use to create the falls. There are so many things to decide! That’s why we are proud to be a homeowner’s one-stop shop for all their pool needs and desires.

As Ft. Lauderdale’s premier swimming pool company, we have extensive experience adding custom waterfalls to pools of all sizes and shapes. We will walk with you each step of the way from design to installation. You will be enjoying your new waterfall in no time! Call Ft. Lauderdale Pool Service for a pool evaluation today. We are eager to help you craft the pool of your dreams.