Accurate Pool Leak Detection

When you live in Florida, whether it is year round or just during the summer months, you know how enjoyable a swimming pool can be. It provides relief from the oppressive and humid heat and an enjoyable way to relax and get a little exercise. While the advantages of having a pool are numerous, it is almost guaranteed that at some point in owning a swimming pool you will have to deal with a leak in your pool. Whether it is a small leak or a large one, any crack in your pool will allow water to leak and money to drain.

It is important to turn to pool repair experts when you suspect a leak in your swimming pool. At Somar Pools, we provide accurate pool leak detection so that you can know what type of leak you are dealing with in order to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Our company utilizes the latest technology for accuracy in locating the exact spots where leaks are occurring. Many people call us and tell us that they have tried a DIY test but that it was not helpful to them in anyway – other that perhaps confusing them even more. While we applaud anyone who wants to his or her own knowledge, when it comes to detecting a pool leak it is best to call in the experts.

One of the most accurate tools for finding and detecting pool leaks is the use of a computerized water level measuring device. This device will read the pool level via a computerized sensor, and then in just a few minutes, it will tell us how much your pool is leaking. This test offers accurate information that is vital to finding the source of your pool leak. Don’t let your neighbor or co-worker try to talk you into performing a “bucket test” to tell if your pool is leaking. This silly test cannot possibly provide the information you need. What you truly need is an expert to come in and perform a precise reading of your pool’s water level using accurate technology. This will give you the information you need to repair and protect your investment.

Contact Somar Pools today if you suspect a pool leak. Our experts will come out at your convenience. We proudly serve Broward County and the surrounding communities. You are only a call away from having your pool leak issue solved.