6 Backyard Pool Care Tips for the Summer

Get the most out of your backyard pool this summer with these basic pool care tips.

  • Skim Daily

Even if you don’t get to swim in your pool daily, it should be skimmed every single day. Skimming (and, bonus, vacuuming) remove debris like sand, insects, leaves, and hapless small animals like lizards that fall into your pool. Skimming prevents daily “junk” from clogging up your filter and pump. If you’re going to be away for a few days and don’t have anyone to use and maintain your pool, then keep it covered with a secure cover.

  • Clean the Filter Regularly

Remember to check your filter basket for debris buildup and empty it out at least once a week. Backwash your filter pipes once a month to keep those flowing smoothly.

  • Check and Balance the Chemicals

Chemical testing and balancing should be done once a week. You can check the chemicals yourself using a little kit from a pool supply company and then make any necessary adjustments.

  • Shock Your Pool

You should only need to shock your pool once or twice over the course of the summer. Shocking is a process of adding a concentrated amount of chemicals to your pool water to kill off excess bacterial growth and then gradually adding fresh water. You may want to shock your pool after a backyard party or after someone getting sick in your pool.

  • Top Off the Water

Remember to add more water (and adjust the chemicals) anytime your pool starts looking shallow.

  • Call the Ft. Lauderdale Pool Pros!

If you need help with any step of your backyard pool maintenance, give us a call!