5 Ways to Update Your Pool Area

In Fort Lauderdale, most quality homes have a swimming pool for relaxation and cooling off in the Florida heat. Some of these pools may be 20, 30 or more years old and many are showing their age. Pools can last a long time, but they do need updating to keep them maintained. If you have an older pool that has wear and tear, it may be time to rejuvenate and repair. Here are five effective ways to improve the appearance, function and safety of your pool area.

1. Pool Resurfacing

One of the most dramatic enhancements you can give your pool is a new surface. The Florida sun and constant wear can fade away your pool surface. Not only can it impact appearance, but the pool may no longer be slip-resistant, which can lead to injuries. Most pools should be resurfaced every 10 years or so to maintain a beautiful, safe pool area.

2. New Pool Deck

The deck around your pool can make your swimming area safe and comfortable. You want a surface that is fade- and slip-resistant while lending aesthetics to your pool area. If you have an old concrete pool deck, imagine the beauty of pavers or stone to give your pool area a makeover.

3. Add a Spa

Swimming pools are wonderful for cooling down or getting in your exercise, but what about relaxation? Adding a hot tub or spa can give you a stress-relieving place to relax your muscles and your mind after a long day.

4. Enhanced Pool Lighting

Many nights are spent by the pool when you live in Florida. Make your backyard pool area stunning with advanced pool lighting. Adding the right lights inside and around the pool can make your backyard spectacular and improve night pool safety.

5. New Pool Equipment

Aesthetics are wonderful ways to update your pool but do not forget about the hidden equipment that needs maintenance. Upgrading your pool filtration, pump and chlorination can improve efficiency and make it easier to maintain your pool.

When you are ready to update your swimming pool area, contact us at Somar Pools, LLC in Fort Lauderdale. We offer a full selection of pool remodeling, repair and maintenance services to give your pool area a complete makeover.