5 Health Benefits of Adding a Spa to Your Ft. Lauderdale Home

Many of the investments you put into your home in Ft. Lauderdale are to add value, aesthetics or functionality. While these may be important, they do not necessarily improve you and your family’s longevity. When considering home improvements and investments, adding elements to your home that can impact your health while increasing your home’s value can be a wise choice. Here are five ways adding a spa to your home in Ft. Lauderdale can benefit your health.

1. Relieve Stress

Stress is a silent killer, impacting your physical and mental well-being. Taking time for yourself to relax is one of the best stress relievers. Spas are designed specifically for relaxing and enjoying time at home, which is a great way to relieve the stress of the day.

2. Give Your Joints a Rest

One of the best ways to soothe aching joints is with warm water compression. Whether you have arthritis in your knees or just inflammation from an active lifestyle, soaking in a hot tub can give your joints the TLC they need to perform their best.

3. Muscle Recovery

After a long hike or hard day at work, nothing feels better than warm water on your aching muscles. Forget heating pads – immerse your whole body in an enveloping spa with steaming water to help your muscles recover.

4. Improved Circulation

If you have poor circulation, it can lead to blood vessel problems. Hot tubs can stimulate your blood vessels to open wider, which can help to improve your circulation.

5. Better Sleep

For many people, relaxing in the warm heat of a spa can help them unwind and relax their mind before it is time to head to bed. While a jump into a cool pool can invigorate and wake you up, the heat of a spa can lull you into a sleepy state that can help you enjoy a restful night.

If a new spa sounds like an excellent investment for your Ft. Lauderdale home and health, give us a call at Somar Pools, LLC. We offer beautiful spa design and installation in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.