4 Ways to Prevent a Drowning Accident in Your Backyard Pool

You can’t even bring yourself to imagine how it would feel if someone died in your pool as a result of drowning.

Unfortunately, many drowning accidents (especially those involving children) happen right at home where people usually feel the safest.

Here are some important steps you can take to make your Ft. Lauderdale backyard pool a safe haven of fun.

  • Put a Fence and Locked Gate Around Your Pool

Put up a tall and secure barrier between your pool and your children (or your neighbor’s kids.) A strong motorized cover is also a good idea.

  • Don’t Leave Toys in the Pool

Children may be attracted to fun and colorful toys in the pool even when they’re not supposed to be in the water. A small child could toddle over to try to grab a toy and accidentally fall in.

  • Be Alert While Supervising Swimming Kids

Children under the age of 4 should always be within arm’s reach when they’re in the water. Even if your older kids can swim on their own, you should still be right near them. Don’t get so absorbed in reading, watching TV, or using your phone that you forget to visually check on your children every minute. Never drink alcohol or nap while it is your responsibility to watch your kids in the pool.

  • Learn CPR

CPR is a valuable life skill for anyone, but especially for parents who have a backyard pool their kids swim in. Early CPR efforts can make all the difference in the event the worst happens.

For more tips on backyard pool safety and suggestions for making your pool surroundings safer, contact Somar Pools.