In Ft. Lauderdale, homeowners are designing cascading waterfalls with enhanced and elegant smart lighting. Now more than ever, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, residents are entertaining at home. They’re upgrading the backyard pool area with waterfalls accented by smart lighting.

Poolside Backdrops Designed with Waterfalls in Ft. Lauderdale

Americans are doing more entertaining in the backyard these days and Ft. Lauderdale residents are no exception. What’s more, they’re enjoying the tranquility of staying in the sanctuary of home by the pool.

They’re adding tranquility to their poolside atmosphere with cascading waterfall features. Water features by the pool look terrific in the daytime but come to life after dark when enhanced by LED lights.

Waterfall features are entertaining for everyone. The kids love to play under the waterfalls, while adults love the hydro-massaging effects. These waterfalls add elegance, value and ambiance to your backyard pool.

You could have a quiet sheet of water trickling into the pool or turn up the energy. Your kids will be wowed by a mountainous rushing waterfall they can run under or swim through with friends.

Add an Elegant Touch of Class with Energy-Saving Smart Lighting

You probably already have some lighting around the pool; but why not turn it up a notch and create some fantastic effects with colors within or behind the waterfalls?

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. You can create the mood around the pool with somber white, crystal blue or a colorful kaleidoscope.

Using your smartphone app, you can control the colors or lack of color coming from your waterfall feature. What’s more, you can save energy by turning off the effects when not in use. You have the controls right at your fingertips on your phone.

Everything is stress-free at your Ft. Lauderdale pool when you create a mellow mood. Make it exciting when you amp up the colors with a waterfall light show by the pool!

Whether you already have a pool or are thinking about adding one, water features like waterfalls and smart lighting are a terrific way to increase ambiance and value in your backyard. Get the professionals at Somar Pools, LLC to create the backyard entertainment area of your dreams.